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Q.1 What is US Tech Live?

A. US Tech Live is an online technical support provider, which provides computer support at home and to corporate customers at an affordable price with high quality of service. US Tech Live provides unique service when compared to other PC repair services, since customers will not be charged until the computer problems are fixed.

Q.2 Is it safe to use Remote Access?

A. It is absolutely safe to use remote access with US Tech Live as it is one of the inevitable tools required for providing computer service. You are free to stop the remote access anytime during troubleshooting process without any trouble.

Q.3 Is it safe to give my information to US Tech Live?

A. We have opted for a secured environment and follow the best security standards. Our customer details will not be shared with anybody under any circumstances.

Q.4 Do you send a technician to fix the problem at my home or office?

A. We are not offering this facility right now as a part of our service or plan. However, we are continuously planning ahead to look out more opportunities to help you with our tremendous services. As soon as we start this facility we will keep you informed.

Q.5 What is the Standard Work Process do you follow to resolve technical issues?


  • Identify the computer related problem and its affected applications or devices
  • Finding out the exact cause of the issue
  • Diagnosing the computer problem
  • Informing the problem, its cause, and to do action plan to the customer
  • Starting the troubleshooting with necessary permissions
  • Resolving the computer problem permanently
  • Providing suggestions to avoid the same problem in future

Q.6 If I change my computer then will you support it?

A. On buying a new computer you can either buy a new plan for it or transfer the existing plan to it. On transferring, the old computer will not be supported at all. Plan Transfer can be done only once in one support period.

Q.7 Is the Services Guaranteed?

A. All the services at US Tech Live are guaranteed. The customer has all the rights to call back US Tech and reopen a ticket within 7 days. The customer can raise a refund request within 5 days if the problem is not solved after reopening a ticket. Please note that our senior computer tech support engineer will do a fundamental check to validate the refund claim.