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  • 1.1 For any subscription based plans, a full refund will be issued if US Tech Live could not resolve the issue up to customer's satisfaction. Confirmation email will decide the satisfaction level of the customer.
  • 1.2 Although we have 7 days of fair refund policy if customer is not satified (not applicable on one time service)
  • 1.3 US Tech Live reserves the right to refuse or put a hold on 100% refund in any of the following cases: if customer is found trying to misguide, provides false information, claims for refund on hardware issues or denies for proper diagnostic process to the support team agent of US Tech Live.
  • 1.4 US Tech Live also reserves the right to offer 50% refund if customer claims after half of the issues are already fixed by US Tech Live (Applicable with 7 or upto 30 days of plan) for more info visit our website
  • 1.5 All refund policies are subject to change without any prior notice.


  • 2.1 Customer are responsible for properly cancelling customer’s account. An email or a phone call is required from customer’s side to raise such request. Confirmation email from US Tech Live will be send to customer to confirm the same.
  • 2.2 Whatever customer’s data stored with us will instantly be move from active servers. We may store customer’s data with us for any future use.
  • 2.3 US Tech Live will not charge customer’s account from the date customer will raise such request.
  • 2.4 US Tech Live in its sole discretion, has the right to suspend or terminate customer’s account and refuse any and all current or future use of the Service.
  • 2.5 Any use of pirated software may result in termination of customer’s services and cancellation of customer’s services by US Tech Live.
  • 2.6 US Tech Live reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.
  • 2.7 In case customer’s issue is in warranty from manufacturers, please refer the issue to them.

3. Chargeback Policy

  • 3.1 In case if a customer files a chargeback after getting our services prior to raise a request for refund then customer will no longer be eligible to get the refund of any amount of money he/she spent on the service from US Tech Live.